After purchasing SAF from Vasco, Josh Wander, from 777 Partners, asks the fans for patience

Josh Wander, CEO of 777 Partners, spoke again. This Monday, the co-founder of the company that bought the Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) from Vasco asked the fans for patience. In a statement, he also promised to respect the club’s history and preached a “clear and peaceful” transition. Check out:

“Friends Vasco,

On behalf of the entire team at 777 Partners, I want to thank you for your patience over the last few months and for the trust you have placed in our company to take Vasco into the future.

I would like to thank everyone who voted in the General Assembly and everyone who made this story possible; partners, employees, suppliers, advisors, directors, players and, of course, Vasco fans. Each one, in their own way, contributed to bring us to this unforgettable moment.

Moving forward, the team at 777 Partners, specialist in football and business with companies around the world, will work daily to help Vasco return to his true level. In addition, as announced this morning, we have appointed Luiz Mello as CEO and Paulo Bracks as Sports Director for our day-to-day management. They are men of integrity, possessing deep knowledge and skill. That’s why they have our full support and trust.

As you know, we have several clubs around the world. What they each share is exactly what attracted us to Vasco – rich history, tradition and a passionate fan base. We promise you that we will always respect everything that makes Vasco special. We will never change the essence of the club you are passionate about. No matter how many clubs are part of 777 Partners, we promise that we will always be committed to Vasco and his success on and off the field.

Every day, everyone at 777 in different countries will work closely with our team in Brazil to put Vasco in the best position to succeed and return him to his rightful place: among the top clubs in South America. Our strategy involves investing in and relying on the best technology, data, analytics and advanced player development techniques to make smart, thoughtful decisions about what is best for the club, now and in the future.

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In addition to expressing our excitement about Sunday’s vote and the future, I want to ask Vasco’s people for patience. The process of creating a SAF is complicated and requires many steps. We are almost done, but there are still some steps we must take in the next few weeks before the SAF is fully operational. We have worked as hard as we can to make this transition period happen as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We know that some still have doubts and are wondering about the future of the club. I promise that we will prove by our actions that you made the right decision to trust us. We are committed to moving through this transition period in a clear, peaceful and respectful manner.

From the first moment that Vasco entered our thoughts, it was a pleasure to find all the characteristics we are looking for in a club and in a partner: a history of pioneering in the struggle for equality and respect for people, the development potential of São Januário , the inexhaustible ability to reveal great players, among many others.

This and much more is what makes Vasco special, so we can guarantee it won’t change. Our commitment is to maintain and respect the club’s history, including its cultural identity, uniforms, anthem, flags, crests – all of this will remain intact. We are not here to change traditions. We are here to respect them as we help write the next pages of this club’s glorious history.

We can’t wait to get started. See you soon, in São Januário!


Josh Wander”

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