American with 13-meter nails breaks world record and reveals why she hasn’t cut them in 25 years

Diana Armstrong, an American from Minnesota (USA), broke the world record for the longest female nails, according to Guinness World Records, made official this month. Added together, the North American’s nails total 13.06 meters in length. The decision not to cut is related to the death of one of the daughters.

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Diana’s longest nail is on her right thumb, at 1.38 meters, and the shortest is on her left pinky, at 1.09 meters. To paint her nails, usually every four or five years, she has the help of her grandchildren and uses around 15 to 20 bottles of nail polish and a carpentry tool.

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Because of the size of her nails, the American needed to develop skills with her feet, as she had some restrictions with her hands. To pick up clothes from the floor or open the fridge, she uses her feet. And she has already given up on driving and zipping/zipping clothes.

Even with the limitations, she said in an interview with the Guinness organization that she has no intention of cutting her nails. Even if it was for money:

— I think my nails are pretty. To someone else they might not be, but to me they are,” Diana said.

According to the Guiness organization, the last time Diana cut her nails was in 1997. Twenty-five years ago, she stopped the habit because of the death of her daughter Latisha. When the girl was 16 years old, she suffered an asthma attack in her sleep and could not resist.

– My [outra] daughter called me and said ‘mom, Tisha won’t wake up.’ That was the worst day of my life,” said the record holder.

It was Latisha who took care of her nails every weekend.

“She was the one who did my nails. She sanded and painted for me. She had my nails done the night before and we were up all night so I just couldn’t get my nails trimmed after that,” she said.

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After her daughter’s death, it wasn’t just her nails that changed Diana’s life. She also told in the Guinness interview that she struggled with depression for about 10 years.

The act of letting her nails grow, for her, was a way of keeping her deceased daughter alive in her thoughts and body.

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