Avoid having your credit card canceled by making THESE mistakes

Check out the situations that can lead to the cancellation of the credit card unexpectedly. See if you practice any of these attitudes.

If used correctly, the credit card can be a great ally for a healthy financial life. However, there are some situations that make the service unfeasible, causing the person to have the credit card canceled. Check out below what to do to avoid this!

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Avoid doing this so you don’t have your credit card canceled

There are numerous reasons that can lead to the cancellation of the credit card, but the champion is the lack of use by the holder. If a person does not use the card for more than 12 consecutive months, the bank understands that he does not need the credit limit released and so decides to cancel it.

The purpose of the card is precisely to encourage consumption that, consequently, will generate profits for financial institutions. Without the use of the tool, the offer of credit makes no sense. But it is not only with this justification that banks cancel credit cards. There are others that you can check out below!

Other reasons that may lead to unexpected credit card cancellation

It’s not just the lack of use that can cancel the credit card suddenly. There are other situations that also imply the termination of the service. Are they:

  • When there is commercial disinterest, the administrator may decide that she is no longer interested in having the person as a client;
  • Suspected use of credit card for illegal activities;
  • Purchases that are running away from the profile of the behavior or profile of the consumer;
  • Card has been discontinued;
  • In case of fraud when using the payment of bills, points program, among others;
  • Recurring delays in the payment of the invoice – in this case, the bank starts reducing the limit until the service is canceled;
  • The CPF is irregular in the Federal Revenue;
  • The CPF became part of the credit protection agencies;
  • The customer is only paying the minimum invoice amount frequently.

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