Azul made its last flight from Congonhas to Fernando de Noronha

Azul ends today, August 8, a historic route, which linked the main capital of the country to the most remote island in Brazil, in a direct flight with a national plane.

The flight from Congonhas to Fernando de Noronha is to date the longest made in Brazil with an aircraft produced in the country, lasting 3 hours and 30 minutes aboard Embraer E195-E2 model aircraft. As AEROIN has previously shown in a report.

The flight is quite atypical and different from the other domestic ones and was only made possible by the performance of the new Embraer E2, which is more economical and larger than the first generation Brazilian jets, as well as the fact that the island starts to count on fuel, since since last year aviation fuel is being taken from the mainland to Noronha in a tanker.

The Azul route, in turn, was created to serve the most select public, who work and live in São Paulo, and who want to go to Noronha on a direct flight, without having to go through Recife, thus staying longer on the Island and less in displacement.

Despite the initial success of the route, the lack of connection options with other Azul flights made the company change the starting point, which from tomorrow will move to Campinas, the company’s main connection center.

With this change, more passengers will be able to go to Fernando de Noronha in a more agile way, leaving their city, passing through Viracopos, before finally arriving at the paradise island. The last flight from Congonhas can be followed by clicking on this link.

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