BC says it is attentive to risk appetite in credit to families

(Eduardo Rodrigues and Thais Barcellos, Estadão Conteúdo) – The Central Bank recently stated that the high risk appetite of financial institutions accelerated credit to households in the second half of 2021, although without an increase in problem assets in the portfolio. “Overall, the percentage of APs remained stable, but the BC is attentive to the increase in risk appetite”, he warned. The assessment is contained in the Financial Stability Report (REF) for the period, which should have been released in April, but was postponed amid the strike by BC servers.

The attention to the increase in risk appetite is justified, according to the financial system regulator, because the amount of problem assets (APs) of the housing financing line with FGTS resources and vehicle financing grew above the increase in these portfolios in the second half of the year. last year.

“Furthermore, the scarcity of disposable income to pay debts and an eventual frustration in the performance of economic activity can increase the risk in the coming months”, he said, in a lagged way, since economic activity has been surprising this year.

The BC also highlighted that, among the modalities with the highest risk and return in credit to families, in the second half of 2021 the growth of non-consigned credit and credit cards stood out, with the increase in revolving operations. In addition, in the other modalities, there was a high growth of rural credit, “in line with the general picture of agricultural activity in the country”.

According to the BC, financial institutions have increased their risk appetite, especially in non-consigned credit and vehicle financing, with the reduced supply of new cars deepening the trend of financing vehicles with more than three years of use and there was an increase in the term average funding. “Non-payroll loans grew more in operations with a history of greater risk materialization, without guarantee or with personal guarantee.”

The BC also highlighted that in the second half of 2021, the growth of non-consigned credit and credit cards stood out

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