Bolsonaro says he does not want immunity to avoid arrest after leaving Presidency

President Jair Bolsonaro said he is not in favor of the idea of ​​having immunity after leaving office. In an interview with the Flow Podcast on Monday night (8), he was asked about the movement of parliamentarians to avoid possible punishments if Bolsonaro does not continue in the presidency.

“I’m not interested in that. They will say that I would be asking for a break. (…) I don’t want this immunity. I want my country to be democratic”, he said. Deputies and senators are discussing the possibility of a PEC that would give former presidents of the Republic the position of senator for life.

In theory, the idea would be to guarantee parliamentary immunity and minimize the chances of punishment in cases where he is accused of crimes. “It circulated in the newspapers that I would be arrested if I was not elected. Arrested for what?” he asked.

Criticism of TSE ministers

He even returned to make allegations about the security of electronic voting machines, criticizing ministers of the Superior Electoral Court. “Today, I spoke to bankers and asked why they spend fortunes to protect themselves from cyberattacks. I said: ‘You can take technology from an organ there,’ I didn’t say TSE, ‘and stop spending a fortune’.”

According to Bolsonaro, the meeting with ambassadors, in which he raised doubts about the electoral process, took place to show a Federal Police investigation that investigates an attack on the internal system of the TSE, in 2018.

“I give the 2018 PF inquiry to anyone who wants it. Although the Supreme says it’s confidential, it’s not, they’re lying. Barroso and Fachin are lying. I’ve already offered everyone, I can send you a copy of the inquiry. complaint saying that the hackers stayed inside the TSE for several months and could do a lot of things”, he recalled.

To R7, the TSE advisory stated that there is no provision for the ministers to comment on the president’s statements. Previously, the TSE published a note on the case in which it states that the investigation is confidential and that improper access did not pose any risk to the integrity of the 2018 elections. “This is because the source code of the programs used undergoes successive verifications and tests, able to identify any alteration or manipulation. Nothing abnormal has occurred. It should be added that the source code is accessible, at all times, to political parties, the OAB, the Federal Police and other entities that participate in the process.”

Regarding the proposal to film people voting, Bolsonaro complained about the distortion of the proposal. “One of the suggestions [das Forças Armadas] is to check the polls on polling day. Voting has started here and there are ten polls. Via a lottery, here, take that urn at 8 am, pretend that there was a breakdown, put it here, put the reserve urn there and do the normal voting. On this side, people start voting knowing they are being filmed,” he commented.

Bolsonaro also called the claim that all voters would be filmed a liar. “It’s the same as Barroso’s lie that we wanted to approve the paper vote as in the past. Barroso lied, the PEC is very clear. It’s the printed vote on the side of the electronic ballot box, to make the necessary correction”.

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