Bruno Krupp would have raped more than 40 women, says victim after exposing case on social media

A 28-year-old woman who reported being sexually abused by Bruno Krupp received messages from more than 40 women allegedly victims of model.

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accident in Serra das Araras

The case came to light in a report shown on Sunday night (7), on TV Globo’s Fantásico. To the journalist, the victim told that the suspect was drunk when he committed the rape six years ago.

Out of shame at the time of the crime, he did not report it to the police. Recently, however, she decided to expose the case to her followers on social media. It was on her profile where more than 40 women sought her out to claim that they were also Krupp’s victims.

‘forced me’

Another public rape complaint had already been made on the 4th by the 21-year-old model Priscila Trindade. She met him in a circle of friends, and after some “flirtations” she agreed to go to his house to accompany him to a party.

On the day of the event, Krupp dropped her off at home and returned to the party. At around 6 am, he returns to the property and forces her to have sex with him.

“He took me by force. I told him to stop several times and he literally forced me. He really did. After a lot of reluctance, I gave in and it was horrible. It was very embarrassing because if I screamed, I would wake up the whole house and I didn’t have the courage to take a more drastic attitude,” he recalled.


The model Bruno Krupp left the Marcos Moraes hospital in Rio de Janeiro and went to a prison unit for killing a teenager in a traffic accident last weekend. He left escorted on Saturday night (6) and went to the 16th DP to sign documents.

At the health unit where he was hospitalized, doctor Bruno Nogueira Teixeira, hired by the family, claimed that the model had kidney problems and transferred him to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The doctor began to be investigated for procedural fraud and misrepresentation. The crime consists of the act of intentionally modifying process data, in order to mislead the judge or expert.

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