Can I accumulate Auxílio Brasil and retroactive payments of up to BRL 3,000?

Users who are part of the Federal Government’s Auxílio Brasil program can accumulate the benefit with the emergency aid retroactively without any problem. According to information from the executive branch, the two projects are different, so that one does not prevent the receipt of the other.

Auxílio Brasil is a Federal Government program created to replace the former Bolsa Família. The first official payment of the project took place in the last month of November last year. Now in August, the Ministry of Citizenship says that just over 20 million citizens will be able to receive it.

On the other hand, the retroactive effect of Emergency Aid concerns the payment process of the program that existed in 2020. It was designed to help people who were struggling to earn income during the coronavirus pandemic in the country. It is estimated that nearly 70 million individuals have received the benefit.

In short, they are two different programs with their own rules. There is no impediment for the same citizen to receive both balances at once, as long as he meets the rules of the two projects. Thus, he will be able to accumulate the money from the payments, even if they are independent.

who can accumulate

Imagine, for example, that a single father received five installments of R$ 600 of Emergency Aid between April and August 2020. In 2021, the same man began to receive Auxílio Brasil money from the Federal Government. In this case, he is entitled to receive both benefits at once now.

By logic, a single father could not receive R$ 600 per month in 2020 in Emergency Aid. With the overthrow of the veto by the National Congress, the Government returned to have the obligation to pay the retroactive to this public.

Likewise, men are also entitled to receive Auxílio Brasil from the executive branch, considering that they comply with the rules for entering the social program. He must have, for example, an active Cadúnico account.

If he follows all the rules above, then he can receive both balances at once. The Ministry of Citizenship, which is responsible for the transfers, does not inform how many people can receive the two programs simultaneously.

Assistance and gas voucher

Some other Federal Government social projects are also cumulative. This is the case of Auxílio Brasil with the national gas voucher. According to the Ministry, there is nothing to prevent the accumulation of both balances by the same person.

On the contrary. Ministry data indicate that all the more than 5.6 million users of the national gas voucher are also users of the Auxílio. The Federal Government, by the way, recalls that the two transfers follow the same schedule.

In August, a citizen who receives both benefits can receive at least R$710. $110 per family.

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