China acts to contain Covid outbreaks in tourist centers

Credit: China Daily via REUTERS

People queue to undergo a Covid-19 test in Sanya, in China’s Hainan province (Credit: China Daily via REUTERS)

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) – China worked on Tuesday to contain outbreaks of Covid-19 in tourist centers in Tibet and Hainan, with authorities launching more rounds of mass testing and closing sites to contain the highly transmissible Omicron variant. .

Mainland China reported 828 new domestically transmitted cases in more than a dozen provinces and regions on Aug. 8, with more than half in Hainan, a highly popular tourist destination, official data showed on Tuesday.

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Tibet, which has so far reported only one symptomatic case since the pandemic began more than two years ago, has also reported cases.

Parts of Tibet were carrying out mass testing for Covid-19 on Tuesday, including its two largest cities, Lhasa and Shigatse, where local authorities suspended major events, closed entertainment and religious venues and cordoned off some tourist sites, including the Palace. Potala.

Tibetan authorities reported one local patient with confirmed symptoms and 21 asymptomatic local infections on August 8. While the number of cases is very small compared to other parts of China and the world, the rare infections have worried some residents.

“Although my life and work were not greatly affected and Lhasa took action very quickly, I was still quite shocked as Tibet had been Covid-free for about 920 days,” said Yungchen, a 26-year-old Lhasa resident who was instructed by your employer to work from home.

“I was a little worried because we don’t know when and where infected people contracted the virus,” she told Reuters, preferring not to give her full name.

(Reporting by Roxanne Liu, Ryan Woo and Shanghai Newsroom)


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