Cilene exonerates Donatela to Gonçalo, reveals why she changed her testimony to incriminate her and cites a trap that was involved: “Flora blackmailed me”

Cilene will be perplexed by the news about Donatela's death
Cilene (Photo: Reproduction)

In The favorite, Goncalo (Mauro Mendonca) will find out who it is Flora (Patricia Pillar) for real and, therefore, will try to gather evidence against the bitch. At first, he will meet Cilene (Elizângela) to hear what the madam has to say about the viper and will be shocked by the story.

In the conversation, Cilene will explain what happened the night of Marcelo’s death and warn that Donatela didn’t die either because she hit the villain’s head. “She would have killed Donatela with Marcelo”he will say, leaving the rich man in disbelief.

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Gonçalo will then ask her to explain why she changed the statement incriminating Donatela. “Flora blackmailed me, I had no way out”. Irene’s husband (Glória Menezes) will ask what the viper used that was so serious to force her to change the statement. “It’s just that I was involved in a crime in the past. But it wasn’t my fault, I swear to you (…) Flora found out and did it to blackmail me”.

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The plot was written by João Emanuel Carneiro (same author of Avenida Brasil), starring Claudia Raia and antagonized by Patrícia Pillar in 197 chapters. The Globo production also featured Mariana Ximenes, Cauã Reymond, Murilo Benício, Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Ary Fontoura and Giulia Gam in the main cast.

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