Dedé Santana says he is being threatened by a businessman, who denies the accusation

Dedé Santana claims to be being threatened by Alessandro Stênio Lestar, a businessman who sold him a circus at the end of 2021. Spectacular Sundaygives Record TVthe man denied the accusation and countered it saying that the comedian owes him part of the agreed amount and that he is therefore facing financial difficulties.

According to Alessandro Lestar, the circus was sold in perfect condition and complete for R$ 600 thousand, “with all the documentation up to date”. The amount was negotiated with an entry of R$ 200 thousand and the remainder in 11 installments.

Dedé Santana said that the businessman did not fulfill his promise, exposing problems in the structure of the place. In addition, the circus’ lawyers highlighted that, according to the contract, Alessandro Lestar should transfer vehicles used in the arena to the comedian’s name, which did not happen.

“Today we have more than R$ 300 thousand paid into Mr. Alessandro’s checking account, we have the receipt. And more than R$ 200 thousand that were deposited in court”, declared Arthur Delgado, a lawyer for the circus.

Dedé Santana accuses businessman of death threats

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