Diarist says that Belgian found dead with injuries had no apparent wound the day before and that he has already seen signs of a fight around the house | Rio de Janeiro

The woman – who will have her name preserved – was on the couple’s penthouse for the last time on Thursday (4), the eve of the crime.

O IML report showed that Walter’s body had marks on the feet, legs, arms, back, buttocks, belly, chest, face and the main lesion, on the head, in the region of the neck – which caused the head trauma and the death of the Belgian.

The photos were presented to the witness, who was with Walter at the couple’s home. She said “that she did not have any apparent injuries” and “categorically” stated that Walter did not have any of the injuries observed”, according to a statement obtained exclusively by the RJ2.

The witness revealed that he had little contact with the consul, as he worked on Mondays and Thursdays, but he used to arrive from 9 am to 4 pm, when the diplomat was working.

Is it over there confirmed the episode of an alleged fight that left glass broken, which another witness had already reported.

“In April or May, he noticed that the pantry door and the glass in one of the kitchen cabinets were broken; that he believes that the door and the glass did not break due to misuse; it looked like some object had been thrown against the glass.”

He added other details: “On two or three occasions this year, have you noticed that the The pillowcase of the pillow used by Walter contained bloodstains”.

On Saturday, experts from the Carlos Éboli Criminalistics Institute (ICCE) used luminol, and the pillowcase on one of the pillows indicated bloodstains.

The diarist also said that, last month, she saw Walter with a cut in the forehead region, but which he said was due to a cat scratch.

“In the last two weeks he was at the residence, he noticed Walter extremely crestfallen, but he didn’t even tell him why.” She also confirmed that she found cocaine pins during a few times she cleaned the property.

‘There is no doubt about the authorship’, says delegate

Delegate says Belgian's cause of death was head trauma

Delegate says Belgian’s cause of death was head trauma

the delegate Camila Lourençoresponsible for the investigation said, this Monday, that the police have no doubt about the existence of the crime.

“We have no doubt about the existence of the crime. We want to know what motivated it, what was the background, the backstage, how was the couple’s atmosphere, what was the couple’s relationship. These circumstances will be important, not for definition authorship, which is already defined, but for the incidence of circumstances that will qualify the crime and in the criminal prosecution that will interfere with the sentence”, he said.

The delegate believes that the testimony of the diarist who worked for the couple can be decisive for the conclusion of the case.

Also according to the delegate, the victim had numerous injuries and even an air conditioning hose would have been used in the aggressions.

“It was a succession of beatings. One of the injuries is compatible with human bruising in the rib region and another resulting from a blunt action with a cylindrical object. We seized an air-conditioning hose that may have been used to carry out the aggressions. a baton was seized. He was beaten,” he said.

During the investigation of the property, investigators found blood stains in several rooms of the property. According to the delegate, the The consul’s explanation to the family was that the husband had a heart attack.

“”He (the consul) would have to present a version, he had to justify the death of the husband to the family. He said that her husband had a heart attack. The version he presents to people he lives with, including his secretary, was that her husband had a heart attack”, explained the delegate.

Armchair with washed blood stain — Photo: TV Globo

Attempt to hide evidence

Also according to delegate Camila Lourenço, the experts found the couple’s apartment “in complete disarray”. The delegate also recalled that, before the forensic work, the diplomat’s secretary tried to clean some blood stains from the property.

“The apartment was in complete disarray. It has come to our attention that before the local forensic examination, the consul’s secretary entered the property and cleaned a blood stain from the place where the corpse was found. She claimed that she cleaned it there because the dog was having contact with that bloodstain,” he explained.

In addition to this blood stain in the room, investigators identified that someone at the scene would have tried to hide other evidence of the crime.

“The experts identified in the bedroom, on the pillowcase where the couple slept, blood stains, on the pillowcase, on the floor and in the bathroom. This bathroom was a suite and at the entrance door there was a trunk, furniture that had been placed there, half than to make entry difficult. As if the person were in a desperate attempt to hide elements that could incriminate him”, said the delegate.

“The apartment was dirty, but there was an attempt to hide evidence. As if it were a desperate attempt to find a way. A clumsy way that failed to cover up the truth,” added Camila Lourenço.

“I was asked if it could be a sexual practice. It could be, but it is not a thesis that we are embracing.

A club and a green whip were seized in the couple’s apartment.

According to Camila Lourenço, there is no doubt about the cause of the Belgian’s death.

“The determining cause of death was a head trauma to the back of the neck. There is no doubt that the cause of death was this. The blunt action generated a hemorrhagic infiltration and this was the cause of death. But there is a context that suggests there was a beating.”

“According to the expert, some of the injuries were recent and others were older, which suggests that he had been assaulted, that he had been beaten for about two days. This is clear to me.”

Walter Henri Maximillen Biot and the German consul Uwe Herbert Hahn had been married for 23 years — Photo: Reproduction

In his testimony to the Civil Police, the German diplomat Uwe Herbert Hahnstationed at the German Consulate in Rio, said that her husband Walter Henri Maximilien Biot suffered a sudden illness around 8 pm last Friday (5th) and fell.

Uwe also said that the companion “took sleeping pills” and “drank a lot”.

The consul said that the husband would have gone into a frenzy and started running towards the terrace. He said the husband tripped over the carpet and fell facedown on the floor and made some noises, which he couldn’t tell if they were moans or pain.

Uwe also said that he was in the kitchen preparing a dough when the fall occurred and that he cannot say if her husband hit his head on furniture or on the floor.

In testimony, the diplomat stated that he became desperate and even slapped her husband’s buttocks to try to revive him and then went to the entrance to ask the doorman for help, who called Samu.

The rescuers found the Belgian already in cardiorespiratory arrest and with injuries on the body – in particular, one on the head and another on the buttocks – and did not attest to the cause of death.

The body was then taken to the IML, where numerous injuries were found to Biot’s head and body.

The couple had been together for 20 years, lived in a penthouse in Ipanema and had a diplomatic passport. Walter would be 53 next Saturday.

Uwe was arrested on Saturday night (6th) and transferred to Benfica prison on Sunday morning (7th).

Also this Sunday, the consul’s defense filed a habeas corpus, but the request was denied by the court on duty.

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