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Lula’s assets are valued at more than R$7 million, of which R$185,000 are in fixed income securities; but what are the securities in which all this money is allocated? (Image: Facebook/ Lula)

O TSE has just announced the assets declared by the ex-president Lula. In case you don’t know, all candidates are required to inform the Electoral Court of their equity values. And the former president’s statement reveals a generous amount: R$ 7.4 million.

(Source: CNN, 08/07/2022) Lula declares BRL 7.4 million in assets to the TSE;  see assets reported by presidential candidates
(Source: CNN, 08/07/2022)

What stands out the most are Lula’s investments. The former president has about R$5.5 million in VGBL-type private pensions and R$ 185 thousand in fixed income.

This led some people to raise questions: is Lula investing in premium titles fixed income?

Yes, in case you didn’t know, there are some fixed income securities that they are not available for any investor.

These are turbocharged titles that, in short, can generate much more money. That simple.

As a former president is a person of great influence, it would make sense for him to invest in something off most people’s radar.

These unusual titles, which might even be called premiumgained prominence in recent months for generating gains outside the curve with moderate risks.

Financial institution releases payments that can reach R$ 4,271;  see how to receive your
(Source: Money Times, 07/04/2022)

As you can see, payments can even exceed 4,200 reais.

See how much Lula could be earning this premium fixed income bond

And that’s taking into account a small amount invested, just R$10,000. Someone with BRL 185,000 invested, like former President Lula, can earn much more than that – and that in just two and a half years of investment.

More specifically, by investing in a bond at that rate, former President Lula could generate BRL 28,675 without working even a second more.

The most interesting thing here is that this kind of title premium it can generate gains out of the curve even for those who have little money to invest. And the best: taking moderate risks within the investment environment.

This is because this title has a guarantee and coverage of the FGC

In case you didn’t know, the FGC is the Credit Guarantee Fund. It is an institution responsible for protecting certain fixed income investments.

The FGC protects the investment of up to R$250,000 per CPF, even if the institution issuing the bond goes bankrupt.

In other words, this means that if you invest up to BRL 250,000, your balance will be protected, even if the institution in question goes bankrupt. It is that level of security that is being offered here.

See exactly how you can earn values ​​like BRL 4,271 and even more by investing in premium fixed income bonds

This return was possible in the past with a bond that paid 15.50% per year. That opportunity, of course, has passed. But opportunities similar to these arise all the time for those inside this market.

See how much you could earn by investing in a security of this magnitude, with BRL 10,000 invested:

  • BRL 4,271 in the Premium Bond
  • BRL 3,799 at Selic
  • BRL 1,614 in Savings

In other words, just by choosing a premium bond, you could earn almost R$500 more than with Selic, and 2.6x what you would earn in savings, the preferred application by Brazilians.

And without giving up security, as these bonds have a risk level similar to savings.

Also, the returns are proportional to how much you have to invest. You can profit more or less depending on your contributions:

  • 1,000 reais will yield BRL 427 in profit
  • 10 thousand reais will yield R$ 4,271 in profit
  • 100 thousand reais will yield R$ 42,710 in profit

Do you want to receive the names of these titles straight to your cell phone? See how to do it

As I said, that opportunity has already passed. But you can receive the next opportunities similar to this one that come up in the market.

And best of all, it’s completely free.

That’s because there is a VIP group of investors interested in these securities who receive frequent updates on what’s hot on the market.

Those within this group often receive recommendations for premium titles that aren’t available to just anyone.

You can join this group, for now, completely free of charge. Just click on the link below and sign up.

The idea is to disseminate this valuable information about extremely safe and profitable investments to as many people as possible.

Many people could make a lot of money with good investments, but end up leaving the money stuck in savings or other losing applications, due to sheer lack of knowledge.

This needs to end. And the first step you can take is to make smarter decisions financially. One of them, of course, is to join this VIP group and receive premium titles directly in your email or WhatsApp.

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