Fiat Fastback in more sightings in Brazil

The Fiat Fastback continues to circulate around the country and several images of the next model of the Italian brand were made, with the crossover-coupe appearing in several places, including on the night of BH, as seen on the @fiat_fastback channel, where @rafa_diniz3 registered a copy.

With a green plate or even the new vehicle registration identification from Brazil, the Fastback presents itself with some new elements, such as diamond alloy wheels in a snapshot of @garagemdemotor channel, in photos taken by @dirceuromerocosta.

The wheels differ from the models seen in other images, having five thick spokes and spoked infills, thus being distinct from the gloss black set already seen, probably the S Design package and the spoked alloy wheels of the version with silver accents.

This Fastback with green plates maintains the pattern of the white model, seen in the first shot we published here and which you can see in this link.

In other images, like those made by @andrepereira999, with Fastback S-Design or similar, it appears on a clear day, revealing its shapes better.

With a compact format, the Fiat Fastback derives from the MLA platform of the Pulse and uses structural elements from Cronos, such as the doors, for example.

Although its size has not been revealed, from the images, we can see that the model can be between 4.30 m and 4.40 m long, with a wheelbase of 2,521 m.

The Fastback can reach the larger measure further by extending the bumper, sharply enlarged to stretch the crossover a little more.

With production in Betim, the Fastback should arrive with a 1.0 Turbo engine with up to 130 horsepower, as well as a 1.3 Turbo with up to 185 horsepower.

The latter will likely be also or exclusively in an Abarth proposal for the Fastback, thus expanding Fiat’s sub-brand products to two.

Betting on a more expressive and flashy style to compete with Volkswagen’s Nivus, the Fastback can stimulate Renault and bet on something similar, using the Arkana.

Fiat Fastback – Photo gallery

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