From Juliette to Rafa Kalimann: 28 looks from celebrities at Caetano Veloso’s show

One of the biggest names in Brazilian music, Caetano Veloso, celebrated his birthday in style. Last Sunday (7), the singer made a big event, called “Especial Caetano Veloso”, which was attended by many famous, such as Juliette, Rafa Kalimann and several actors from the cast of “Pantanal”.

The show, which was broadcast on Globoplay and Multishow, took place in Cidade da Música, in Barra da Tijuca, and was presented by Iza, who is confirmed as an attraction on the World Stage of Rock in Rio. In addition to the amazing looks, which can be seen in our gallery, some celebrities made a special appearance, confirming some dating rumors. Check out!

Caetano Veloso’s show has several celebrities

Juliette, who is an avowed fan of Caetano Veloso, wore a look by Vitor Zerbinato, mounted by stylist Rebeca Dantas. The winner of “BBB21” wore a black maxi suit, with chains, balancing elegance with creativity.

In addition to those already mentioned, Sabrina Sato, Cauã Reymond, Agatha Moreira, Rodrigo Simas, Regina Case, William Bonner and more Brazilian celebrities attended the event.

Rafa Kalimann and José Loreto are dating

Something that drew attention was the presence of Rafa Kalimann who posed next to José Loreto. The Tadeu of “Pantanal” and the presenter then confirmed the relationship, after being caught together recently. In one of the last meetings, the couple went to the beach, in Barra da Tijuca, accompanied by José Loreto’s daughter and Rafa Kalimann’s niece.

A lot of people are already shipping the couple, who left together and took pictures of hugs and holding hands. Very cute!

Actors of “Pantanal” went to the show of Caetano Veloso

Who also attended in weight was the cast of “Pantanal”. In addition to José Loreto, Jesuíta Barbosa, Alanis Guillen, Marcos Palmeira, Silvero Pereira and Bella Campos were also there.

Even the interpreters of Juma and Jove were accompanied by their alleged boyfriends and Alanis even posed with her crush, Poli Pierrati.

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