Gasoline, ethanol and diesel: see the cheapest gas stations to fill up in BH – Economy

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Find out where to find gasoline for R$4.97 a liter, ethanol for R$3.66 and diesel for R$7.14 (photo: Renato Weil/EM/DA Press)

The difference in gasoline prices in Belo Horizonte can reach 18.5%, according to a survey by Mercado Mineiro. In the metropolitan region, prices vary between R$4.97 and R$5.89, quite a difference for those who fill up their car regularly.

To take advantage of the drop in fuel prices, you need to look carefully for the best place to fill up.

Check out the places with the cheapest prices in Belo Horizonte – and find out where to find gasoline for less than R$5 per liter, and diesel for less than R$7.20.


The lowest price recorded in the Minas Gerais Market survey was R$4.97 per liter of regular gasoline. This price can be found at Posto Jupiter, in the Padre Eustquio neighborhood, and at Posto Tereza Cristina, in the Carlos Prates neighborhood.

Then, with a liter of regular gasoline going for R$4.98, the stations with the best prices are Auto Posto Expresso – Tereza Cristina, in the Prado; the Beags Post, in Jardim Montanhs; and Posto Olimar and Posto Quick-Shell, both at Padre Eustquio.

For R$ 4.99, gasoline is being sold at Posto Guia IV stations on Rua Par de Minas and Posto Paranaba, on Padre Eustquio; East West Post, in the Calafate neighborhood; Londrina Post, in the Canad neighborhood; Paulistinha-Petrobras gas station, at Carlos Prates.

The Northwest and Northeast regions of Belo Horizonte concentrate the lowest gasoline prices.

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Gasoline can be found in BH for R$ 5.15 at Posto Arajo Ltda, in the Floresta neighborhood, Regio Central; at the Carmenia Post, in the Betnia neighborhood, in the Oeste region; at the Posto Mineiro, in the Liberdade district, close to UFMG; and at the Shell Carlos Luz Post, in the Pedro II neighborhood, Northwest; between others.

But in other regions, you can also find gasoline for less than R$5.15. In Contagem, the cheapest gas station is the Shell-Sarandi station, in the Ressaca neighborhood, where regular gasoline costs R$5.14.

The complete and updated list can be found on the Mercado Mineiro website.


The best prices for ethanol can be found at Posto Tereza Cristina (R$ 3.66); Auto Posto Expresso-Tereza Cristina (R$ 3.67); Quick-Shell Station (R$ 3.67); East West Post (R$ 3.78); Paulistinha-Petrobrs Station (R$3.79) and Carrefour Pampulha Station (R$3.79).


Diesel, on the other hand, is being sold from R$7.14, only at Auto Posto Expresso – Amazonas, in the Gameleira neighborhood. Then, the price of R$ 7.29 can be found at several supply points, such as Posto Jupiter, in the Padre Eustquio neighborhood; at the AEL Osis-Petrobrs Post, in the gua Branca neighborhood, in Contagem; at the Millenium Post, in the Industrial City, in Contagem; and at the Night and Day Post, in the Jardim Amrica neighborhood.

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