How to get off the Instagram best friends list

Many users would like to know how to get off instagram best friends list. This demand arose because the social network does not require any permissions in the process. Thus, you can include any user in your list, even if they don’t want to.

Interestingly, the social network even allows you to add people who don’t follow you and/or have a closed profile. While this dynamic lacks coherence, it wouldn’t be so questioned if there was a native resource to get out of someone’s best friends. In the absence of a more practical solution, you can resort to some alternatives.

1. Unfollow the profile

Unfollowing the profile, even if it is a drastic solution, is effective. When performing the action, all content shared by the user will no longer appear in your Feed. By the way, if you follow the account again and are best friends, your profile will receive Stories again.

2. Block the account

If you want to “take a break” from that user in a more confidential way, blocking them is an option. Although it is possible to find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram, the profile will have to look for clues. Of course, this is a quieter measure, as the platform does not issue warnings. If you unfollow and follow again, the user will know.

To block someone on Instagram, go to their profile and in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the three dots icon. Then choose “block” and confirm the decision.

Although it’s a more drastic way out, blocking can also solve the problem (Capture: Kris Gaiato)

3. Mute account stories

Muting account stories is undoubtedly one of the most effective measures. This is because, compared to the previous actions, this one applies the least amount of restrictions. Here, the user will not be able to see all stories, including those posted on best friends. Still, it’s less drastic than losing access to all posts.

To use the feature, the profile must have published stories. Access one of them and, at the top, tap the three-dot button. Then, tap on “Mute” and choose between the “story” and “story and posts” option.

Muting stories is a way to get off Instagram’s best friends list (Capture: Kris Gaiato)

4. Chat with the user

Although it seems obvious, you can always talk to the user and ask him to remove you from his best friends. This is the best way out if you don’t want to use any of the above solutions.

Despite user complaints, there is no prediction that the feature will be released natively. The good news is that, on other occasions, Instagram has complied with public requests. So it is possible that this will happen again.

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