Huck paralyzes Domingão, exposes the situation and confirms: “Humiliating”

Presenter is shocked by child’s response in “Domingão” painting

Luciano Huck has been impressed with the skills of the children who participate in the “Little Geniuses” board, from the “Sunday“. This Sunday (7), the response of one of the participants, only 9 years old, left the presenter confused and “humiliated”.

During the show, which consists of making child prodigies show their talents to all of Brazil, a question of logical reasoning made the presenter paralyze the program, as he had not understood the question. “’What area is missing?’ I read that and it didn’t make any sense to me”, said Luciano Huck.

The presenter asked for help for the production, which he also couldn’t answer, and soon afterwards asked Daniel, a child who participated in the painting, who solved the question in a few seconds. “I do 10 times 10, which is 100, I add the numbers inside and I do the number that gives minus 100, which is the area”, replied the boy, leaving the audience with their mouths open.

Luciano Huck during the painting Little Geniuses
Luciano Huck during the painting Pequenos Geniuses, with Daniel (Reproduction)

Daniel’s response left the presenter shocked and feeling humiliated. “How come I didn’t think of this before? I can speak? It was humiliating for me. I thought I was smart. Thank you, Daniel, for explaining to me, I didn’t understand anything”, joked Luciano Huck.


It is not the first time that the above-average skills of the children, who participate in the “Domingão” show, have caught the attention of the presenter and the audience. In social networks, children are very successful due to intelligence.

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Last month, the board underwent a small change and the little ones gained more time to answer the questions. “It’s as if we had shuffled a deck of 52 cards, and they’ll have to say the sequence of the cards they’ve memorized”, explained Luciano Huck. “You have 90 seconds. Last week, it was a rush that no one understood anything, not me, not whoever was at home, it was blébléblé, ”he pointed out.

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