“I won’t wait to get old”


The singer explains that she does not intend to stop working, but to make music at the pace she has been following so far, and that she may “continue doing it for fun, for sport, for love”

Anitta talks about retirement: “I won't wait to get old”.  Image: Playback PodDelas channel on YouTube.
Anitta talks about retirement: “I won’t wait to get old”. Image: Playback PodDelas channel on YouTube.

Anitta opened the game and revealed an enigmatic publication she made earlier this month, leaving her fans worried about the new directions in life and career that the singer intends to take very soon. During her participation in the podcast PodDelas, by presenters Tatá Estaniecki and Boo Unzueta, on Monday night (8), the artist spoke again about her plans to retire and explained the reasons.

It all started with a post on Twitter where he said: “The tip of the day is: enjoy me while there is still time. Goodnight”, causing an uproar among fans. During the evening’s chat, the singer, who is now 29 years old, explained that the statement on the microblog was just a reflection without any direct relation to her possible retirement or any other matter in particular.

“I’m not sick, thank God. I just got out of surgery (for endometriosis) and I’m in the prime of my health. I haven’t ended my relationship (with Canadian producer Murda Beatz). That’s it, it’s for my advantage.”assured her, who also spoke about her plans to retire: “It’s no secret that I have this desire. I’ve always said that I’m not going to wait until I’m old to stop, I’m going to stop early”recalled the singer.

Anitta took the opportunity to explain, then, how she envisions this moment of slowing down: “Not (stop) working, but making music the way I do. Maybe I’ll keep doing it for fun, for sport, for love. But I don’t want the commitment of having a hit, of being successful, of being grooving”vented the singer, clarifying that there is still a long way to go for that day to arrive: “I will be 30 years old next year. No, I’m not retiring next year (laughs). I still have a lot of things to do. I no longer have the breath I had when I was 20, to walk out of a show and go straight to a TV show or a rehearsal. I used to have the energy to do three shows in one night. Now, if I do, I get sick. On this tour of Europe, by the end I was almost dying. There are some videos where I’m thin and tired”reported.

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