Leonardo’s wife takes the singer’s son out of the closet: “We respect”

Poliana Rocha, Leonardo’s wife, opened the game about Monyque Isabelle’s sexuality, who is one of the sertanejo’s daughters

Poliana Rocha openly revealed that one of the daughters of Leonardo is part of the LGBTQIA+ community. In a publication on Instagram, on Sunday (7), the influencer showed that Monyque Isabella has relationships with other women.

After opening a box of questions on the social network, the famous received: “What is your reaction about your stepdaughter not liking men but women”, wrote the internet user. “Loves of our lives! We love and respect”, replied the sertanejo’s companion. In the image, the heiress appears next to Jessica Kalosi.

Even though the young woman does not insist on sharing these details of her personal life, Poliana Rocha did not bother to expose her stepdaughter’s sexuality. Leonardo’s daughter works as an agronomist and usually posts moments of her profession and especially with her family. She is very close to her younger sister, Jessica Beatriz.


Poliana Rocha is very close to her husband’s family, but has already spoken out about a problem she had with her daughter-in-law, Virgínia Fonseca. Fábia Oliveira, from the Em Off portal, announced that Jessica and Pedro Leonardo’s wife, Thais Gebelen, would be upset for not having support from Zé Felipe’s wife on social media, and she is considered one of the biggest influencers in Brazil.


The countryman’s wife decided to talk about it and admitted that she doesn’t have any support from the blonde either. “She likes whatever she wants and she has no obligation to like my posts. And it’s fine with me. I will continue to have the same love and affection as always for her. Each one is each one. I just know that I enjoy all her posts, comment and vibrate with all the posts and achievements. I am like that,” she declared.

Poliana Rocha, Leonardo

Poliana Rocha pulls Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe out of the room, exposes the person in charge and confirms: “They lost”

Leonardo and Poliana Rocha (Reproduction)

“There will be a feeling of loneliness”, Poliana Rocha, Leonardo’s wife, confirms the end of the cycle in a strong outburst

Poliana Rocha (Photo: Reproduction)

Poliana Rocha vents to the public and detonates what they are doing: “People acting in bad faith with me”

Poliana Rocha pulled Leonardo's daughter out of the closet (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)
Poliana Rocha pulled Leonardo’s daughter out of the closet (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

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