Lufthansa believes the worst of the airport chaos is over – Aviation

The airline Lufthansa is already looking at this summer with greater optimism, believing that the worst of the chaos at airports due to a shortage of workers is over.

In statements to newspapers of the Funke Media group, the executive director of Lufthansa Christina Foerster acknowledged that although the number of sick leave is still a challenge, the issues surrounding the shortage of workers are more stabilised.

“The most critical point has passed. Air operations are largely stabilized,” Foerster said in statements to the Funke media group.

The manager also acknowledged that, despite the stabilization, “this summer the company is dealing with a high rate of absenteeism due to low averages that is not easy to compensate”, she detailed.

This summer, airlines have been feeling strong pressure because of the high increase in demand for holiday flights, in response to the sharp drops of the pandemic and in which many people did not travel. The adjustments and cuts made by many companies due to covid-19 ended up making it difficult to offer flights in this period.

At Lufthansa, most flight cancellations occurred on domestic routes, according to Christina Foerster. Still, the head of the German airline explained that the situation will only improve significantly after October.

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