Man succeeds in taking wife’s face pillow for travel

A man from the Philippines decided to take the pillow with his wife’s face for the holidays, as she couldn’t accompany him and it was a hit on social media.

Raymond Fortunado had everything set up with his wife Joanne Fortunado to travel to Coron, Philippines, but she had to cancel the trip at the last minute, according to Philippine TV. State of the Nation, for an undisclosed reason.

The solution was to look for a different alternative for her to be present.

Fortunado fulfilled his promise to take his partner everywhere and shared the records of the trip in which he appears doing various things next to the pillow.

For those who thought that the boy would leave her in the room, they were wrong: he even dived with the pillow.

In other images, he poses with the subject in a landscape and with his back to a forest.

Users took the joke on good mood and they praised Fortunado, who, despite the company of the pillow, had to enjoy the ride alone.

“What an amazing trip, I was impressed with what you did,” said one netizen.

“I laughed so hard, but you’re so cute” and “You’re really different, so sweet,” were some of the other responses given to the post, which had more than 20,000 likes on Facebook.

Fortunado even took a dive with Joanne's face - Reproduction/Facebook - Reproduction/Facebook

Fortunado even took a dive with Joanne’s face

Image: Playback/Facebook

Despite being just a pillow, Joanne enjoyed the trip - even if not in person - Reproduction/Facebook - Reproduction/Facebook

Despite being just a pillow, Joanne enjoyed the trip – even if not in person

Image: Playback/Facebook

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