Marcelinho Carioca declares support for Corinthians in Libertadores and remembers mgoa with Flamengo

One of the great names of national football, Marcelinho Carioca said he was rooting for Corinthians in the duel against Flamengo in Libertadores. The former player declared himself to the alvinegro club and also recalled a resentment he feels for the Rio team.

“Of course (I’m going to support Corinthians). It’s Coringão, Coringão, always. I’m not on the fence. I am grateful to Clube de Regatas Flamengo, which promoted me to Brazilian football, but I am Corinthians my life, Corinthians my story, Corinthians my love. Coringão, Coringão“, he said in an interview with the ESPN.

After declaring his support for Timão, the former player recalled how he created his identification with the club. After leaving Rio de Janeiro, Marcelinho didn’t need much time to adapt to Corinthians. He recalled his first game for the Parque São Jorge team, when he already had his name screamed by the crowd.

“My first game for Corinthians was on January 24, 1994, against Portuguesa. There were 40,000 people at Pacaembu. tied. Then I saw all of Pacaembu start screaming my name. The emotion came strong. We won 3-1. With each game I started to feel the daily life of São Paulo, the club, the fans. Every year being champion, carving my name in history. Then the black and white blood entered the vein, not forgetting on the other hand, the gratitude to Flamengo. I will never spit on the plate where I ate. Flamengo promoted me to Brazilian football, he gave me the dental part, the medical part, he gave me education, he gave me basic food. Flamengo took care not of the sportsman, but of the youth, the teenager, the citizen. I came prepared to face São Paulo. Here it was just putting into practice everything I had learned. The stuff is crazy here, bro. The fan is a punch and bomb. He lives in emotion. He doesn’t live in reason. You won, you’re in heaven. Lost, you’re in hell. there is no middle ground“, he pointed out.

Strongly identified with the club, Marcelinho created the expression “second skin” to refer to the Corinthians shirt. According to him, after having the term “manto” used in Flamengo, he looked for another word that would help him prove that at Corinthians he would also give his best.

“I was the one who created this at Corinthians because I left Flamengo very hurt. I left hurt, sad. Not with the fans, which the fans are not to blame, but with the institution for the way it was. I left, Djalminha, Júnior Baiano, Marquinhos… Then I said ‘Fuck, I’ll give the proof, I’ll show what I’m capable of’. Then I wore it and the way the people from São Paulo welcomed me… You know when your shirt sticks, it sticks. Then I said it’s the second skin. There was the cloak. ‘Ah, will you wear the sacred robe? I will wear the cloak’. Here is my second skin. It’s a business that really stuck. So much so that I nailed it here and I’m not a hypocrite. I have lived in São Paulo for 28 or 29 years. I am proud of Rio. I am very grateful to Madureira, where I started, and to Flamengo, who promoted me to Brazilian football, but Corinthians is my life, Corinthians my story, Corinthians my love. This passion is an inexplicable business“, he stressed.

Corinthians and Flamengo face each other for the second time in the quarterfinals of Libertadores this Tuesday. After losing the first game by 2 to 0, Timão seeks to reverse the score at Maracanã, at 21:30.

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