Michelle Barros shocks by closing her face on Portiolli’s show

Michelle Barros closes face live for Celso Portiolli, on Domingo Legal

Domingo Legal ended up being the scene of a controversy, when Michelle Barros was on the stage of the Celso Portiolli.

Former Globo anchor, Michelle Barroswas one of the guests on Celso Portiolli’s “Passa ou Repassa”, but ended up causing discomfort in the program, after a question not answered correctly by the journalist provoked a live discussion.

At the time, Celso Portiolli asked: “Where in the human body is the pineal gland located?”. Michelle answered “head”, then said “brain” and the conflict started.

After a beginning of discussion provoked by the question, the presenter went to one of the producers responsible for the game show. “Let me talk to the wizard of the seven questions here. Mr. Paulão, I asked in which specific place in the human body the pineal gland is located”said.

Paulão used then made a point of clarifying: “Specific is the brain and not just the head. That’s why we put the ‘specific’”. Barros warned the SBT professional. “I talked! I talked!”repeated. “No, you spoke head”countered Celso Portiolli’s colleague.

Michelle Barros closes face on Portiolli's show when she is reprimanded by the production and discomfort is exposed
Michelle Barros closes face on Portiolli’s show when she is reprimanded by the production and discomfort is exposed (Photo: Reproduction)

The question was the reason for the journalist’s indignation

Before the answer “brain”, the yellow team said “head”, but as the question made it very clear that the answer had to be “specific”, Celso Portiolli spoke directly to the direction.

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“Mr. Director! What do I do? What do I do now?”asked the presenter. “The first answer is the one that counts!”, replied the professional directly from the switcher. As a rule, the first answer is that it is valid, that is, “head”.

“So she said head not brain. It’s wrong. Wrong answer! She was wrong knowing. They lost everything!”, said Portiolli. Michelle Barros then showed to be outraged and made gestures refusing the program’s decision.

It is worth remembering that everything happened live and the former Globo anchor insisted on showing that she was not satisfied with the result of the dynamic, which is one of the most famous on Celso Portiolli’s program.

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