“Mulheres de Areia” is the fifth title to be remade to save teledramaturgy in “Novelei” | news

Written by Ivani Ribeiro, “Mulheres de Areia” is the fifth title to be remade to save the teledramaturgy in “Novelei”. A 1993 success, the work featured Glória Pires as the protagonist to play the twins Ruth and Raquel. In the series, Ruth, the good sister, is played by Camilla de Lucas, a content producer with more than 10 million followers, and Raquel, the bad twin, by Phellyx, who is already part of Vitinho’s team. To close the love triangle, Gusta Stockler plays Marcos, who in the original version was played by Guilherme Fontes. Another iconic character from the novel, Tonho da Lua, by Marcos Frota, is also present in the remake. He will be played by Vitinho (Paulo Vieira), who in the episode continues to direct the recording, including the scenes in which the character lives.

“Mulheres de Areia” is the fifth title to be remade to save teledramaturgy in “Novelei” — Photo: Globo/Ju Coutinho

“Ruth is a character remembered to this day. The novel was a great success. It’s a lot of responsibility to revive a character of such a prestigious actress as Glória Pires.”, comments Camilla de Lucas. “When I found out that I was going to revive Ruth, I was already curious to know who my twin sister, Raquel, would be. Phellyx is extremely funny, I was already following his videos and I knew that our tune was going to hit right away.”, she concludes.

New episode comes out this Monday at 8 pm on TV Globo’s YouTube channel — Photo: Globo/Ju Coutinho

Babu Carreira takes on the character Malu, who was by Viviane Pasmante; Evandro plays Virgilio, Marcos and Malu’s father, played by Raul Cortez; Thalita Meneghim remakes the iconic opening of the telenovela, which at the time had the participation of Mônica Carvalho; and Anita (Livia La Gatto), trying to get some important role, but ends up playing a ‘generic fisherman’.

The episode also has the special participation of Ary Fontoura, who in the reality of the series is a podcaster and does not know that he is one of the great actors in the country, nor what a soap opera is. In addition, Gustavo Tubarão, an influencer who shows his life in the countryside, with more than 6 million followers, is cast again, this time to play Alaor, a character who was Humberto Martins, Malu’s partner. Influencer and gamer Rato Borrachudo, with more than 867 thousand followers, helps recreate the scene of Raquel’s car explosion. And Gracyanne Barbosa, dancer and fitness influencer with more than 10.6 million followers, participates as the inspiring muse for the creation of the works of Tonho da Lua.

“Novelei” is a project by Globe in partnership with the YouTube in celebration of the 70 years of soap operas. The story takes place in a curious and humorous parallel world in which, after a bug in the system, soap operas begin to be erased from everyone’s memory. With that, Vitinho (Paulo Vieira), a production assistant with many years at Estúdios Globo, summons a team of internet content creators formed by Thalita Meneghim, Gusta Stockler, Phellyx, Babu Carreira, Evandro Rodrigues and the still newcomer Anita (Livia La Gatto) to remake some of the works that marked the time. For this mission, they will still count on the help of the artificial intelligence Susaninha (Susana Vieira). “Novelei” has nine episodes, which are available every Monday at 8 pm on the TV Globo channel on YouTube.

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