Nubank pays BRL 50,000 to the customer account; see how to receive

Nubank launched a new opportunity for its customers to earn money. Through the new program life ticketfintech will draw the value of BRL 50 thousandin addition to other gifts to those who participate in the action.

According to digital bank, customers have until November 30th to participate in the action. The main requirement is to be a customer of the Nubank Vida.

During the action, customers will be rewarded with virtual coupons, which can be used in services and various fintech products.

In addition, participants will compete for cash prizes through the “Quiz da Vida”, held by the life ticket of Nubank. The questionnaire will raffle tickets in the amounts from R$30 to R$100.

Also, amounts between R$ 1,000 and R$ 6,000 will be raffled off to participants and, at the end of the action, the amount of R$ 50,000 will be released as a prize to the lucky one.

How to compete for Nubank Vida awards?

To enter the sweepstakes is very simple. Just that the customer Nubank follow the step by step below:

  • Open the Nubank app;
  • Access the Nubank Vida screen;
  • Click on the “Vale-Vida Nubank Promotion” button;
  • Once the details of the promotion appear on the screen, accept the terms and regulations;
  • Then click on join;

Once this is done, the customer will be directed to the logged-in area of ​​the Vale-Vida Nubank hotsite. On the page, the game “Quiz da Vida” will be available and, in addition, it will be possible to follow the results and winners of the draws.

Learn how the Nubank trust list works

Currently, the pix is one of the most used means of transferring values ​​in financial institutions. However, in order to avoid scams, the Central Bank stipulated a limit value for transactions carried out from specific times through the tool, which left many people dissatisfied.

O Nubank, therefore, launched a new service on its platform, in order to meet the demand of users who wish to carry out transactions in high amounts. The new service is about Trust Listwhich indicates contacts that allow transfers and payment of bills in high amounts.

How does the Nubank Trust List work?

The tool, which was recently released, allows the application user to register their closest or most frequent contacts, to carry out transactions at any time, without a limit value.

To register contacts on the trust list of the Nubank It’s quite simple. On the home page of the application, the user must access the “PIX area” and click on “Settings”. Then, you must click on “Trusted List” and add the contacts of your choice.

It is important to remember that, for security reasons, the registration of the list is subject to an analysis by the digital bank, which can take 24 to 48 hours for approval.

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