Number of families with Auxílio Brasil is 5 times greater than job vacancies in MS

In the state, 30,172 job openings were created in the first half of this year, against 176,000 benefits

Aid can be withdrawn from tomorrow throughout Brazil.  (Photo: Archive)
Aid can be withdrawn from tomorrow throughout Brazil. (Photo: Archive)

The number of families from Mato Grosso do Sul benefited by Auxílio Brasil, an income transfer program created during the Bolsonaro government, showed a small reduction from June to July this year, when the state had 176,442 families benefited, against 176,763 in the previous month.

Even so, the amount is 5 times greater than the amount of formal job vacancies created in the first half of this year in MS, which was 30,172, according to data from the latest report by Caged (General Registry of Employed and Unemployed).

Currently, Mato Grosso do Sul has 1.4 million people with employment under the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) regime, the so-called formal employment.

From November 2021, when the program began operating in the country, to July 2022, 45,171 families were included in the program. According to data from the Federal Government, in MS, 178,107 families have received the aid since the program was created, the highest amount reached in February this year, totaling a transfer of R$ 27.8 million.

On the other hand, in July, when there was a reduction in the number of families benefited, the total amount transferred through the program almost doubled, reaching R$ 52.7 million, despite the fact that 1,665 families were no longer covered last month compared to February. .

Economists claim that income transfer policies help to promote trade and the service sector, consequently helping to drive the national economy.

Tomorrow (9), Auxílio Brasil starts to be paid all over Brazil, in the amount of R$ 600. This number represents an increase of R$ 200 in the benefit, but it should last until December of this year.

Also on Tuesday, the first two installments of Auxílio Caminhoneiro, worth R$ 1,000 each, and Auxílio Gás, in the amount of R$ 110, will be deposited.

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