Only in her underwear, Kelly Key takes a selfie in the mirror before starting the day: “Morning routine”

Baba, baby! Kelly Key took Instagram followers by surprise this Monday (08) as she posed very comfortably before starting her morning routine. The fitness muse shared a sequence of records and talked about the start of her week.

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“Good morning Brazil! Morning routine I love! In fact, I love routine… ‘Knowing where to start, it’s easier to continue’. Leave everything organized and ready to go… Do the same things every day, with discipline! If the brain needs to spend less energy at the time of planning, there is more focus to perform the task. Soon, we became more productive!”, began the muse in her caption.

“As I’m crazy about organization, I’m going to give you some tips here on how I organize myself to create my rules and routine: define the main times of your day (To start creating your routine, the first step is to be aware of this information… , lunch, sleep, work, study, train… What in your day already has a set schedule?). Separate activities by categories (By defining your priorities, you make it clear what you can’t leave for later and put the demands in their proper places.) Find the best times to carry out each activity (The secret is in knowing the best time to do it Have you figured out the best moment of your day to perform each type of task? If so, use it to your advantage. If not, observe your day to day and identify)”, he commented.

“If I still haven’t convinced you about the importance of routine, I’ll leave you with four benefits of having a structured routine and start building yours today: autonomy and responsibility: a structured routine generates a sense of responsibility. In the case of children and adolescents, it also helps to develop responsibility. Organization: when the environment around us is organized, it becomes easier to be productive and not waste time on what is not worth it. Less stress: having a routine doesn’t leave us less at the mercy of unforeseen events and, therefore, reduces stress. Productivity: the more internalized the routine, the easier it is to focus on what actually needs to be done and efficiently. And now!? I managed to convince!?”, finished the muse.

Kelly Key Speaks Out After Controversy Over “Slimming Lipstick”

What bullshit! Recently, Kelly Key took to social media to speak out about the “lipstick that slims” controversy. The muse recalled the episode and stated that she was wrong to advertise the product, which raised suspicions among netizens.

“Who has never made mistakes, cast the first stone, right?”, said the influencer. “You know that I only indicate what I prove with results. I’ve already lost measurements and a few pounds. It improves metabolism and helps in reducing appetite. But you’re going to ask, ‘Oh, Kelly, does one lipstick do all that?’ Yes, it does”, completes the muse.

“Although I have never done direct advertising, a contact was made so that I could experiment with the product and give an internal testimonial that ended up going viral. As much as it has been three years since this happened, it turns and moves people back to talking as if it were something recent”, he said.

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