Paraná alerts to main symptom and guides care

The Paraná State Health Department (Sesa) published, last Friday (5), a resolution that establishes care guidelines for suspected or confirmed cases of the disease. monkey pox.

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The disease has confirmed community transmission in Curitiba, which concentrates 35 of the 36 confirmed cases in the state so far – the other confirmed case in Maringá, in the north of the state.

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According to the state document, which defines the flow of care for suspected/confirmed cases, the initial care should preferably be carried out in the Basic Health Units (UBS), indicating hospital admission for cases that show signs of severity.

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Also according to the resolution, all health professionals who work in any type of health service (primary health care, emergency care units, outpatient clinics and hospitals) must be attentive to the identification, notification and management of cases.

Symptoms and transmission window

A generally self-limiting disease, with an incubation period of 5 to 21 days and symptoms lasting 2 to 4 weeks, monkeypox is transmitted mainly by contact with respiratory secretions, skin lesions from infected people or recently contaminated objects.

Rash is the most common symptom to date, with lesions that can start in the genital and perianal areas and not always spread. These lesions are deep and well-circumscribed, often with central umbilication; and progression of the lesion through specific sequential stages macules, papules, vesicles, pustules and crusts.

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The infected person only stops transmitting the virus when all the crusts have completely disappeared from the skin, but the World Health Organization advises abstaining from sexual activity throughout the course of the disease, due to the closeness that occurs in intimate intercourse – even with the use of condoms – and suggests using a condom with all sexual activity for 12 weeks, after the recovery period.

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