Paula Fernandes gets angry with fake news and vents on the networks: ‘Revolting’

Mariana Valbo – Special for Uai

08/08/2022 14:10

The country singer Paula Fernandes published a long outburst through a video shared on her social networks, to deal with a rumor about her. That’s because, it was reported that the artist usually asks for a double bed in her dressing room, which angered her and made her make a request for an end to fake news. She even mentioned other celebrities as actresses who often suffer from the same problem.

“You know that my last few months were a lot of work, a lot of travel, a lot of commitments. A lot of good things happening in this resumption of shows and my schedule. , travel and recharge, as I have a new tour in August. On the way back from this rest trip, I came across a new fake news about me”, she began.

“I confess that I didn’t know whether to laugh or be indignant at the news that I had demanded a double bed in the dressing room. Is it possible? And I’ve read countless fake news. And this one still managed to surprise me. Normally I don’t respond like that of news, because whoever invents it is trying to attract attention, to gain these five minutes of fame. But this time it was different, I felt I needed to talk about it. How long are we going to allow and collaborate with this culture of fake news? It’s extremely worrying. to generate more misinformation”, continued the sertaneja.

“I think we need to look at each news with more care. We don’t know the consequences of that. Only this year we had the names of great public women involved in fake news. pregnant, Paolla Oliveira, who is also a victim of fake news.
commented the singer, who no longer has a very good reputation in the art world.

“We need to be respected and heard. My answer to all those who spread fake news without responsibility, without imagining that on the other side there is a person, a life and a career. news!”
she concluded.

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