Personality issues get in the way of weight loss

The vicious cycle of guilt can be linked to personality and personal characteristics linked to a healthy diet or exercise routine.

Bad thoughts are linked to internal experiences and factors, starting with choices. To start changing habits, it is necessary to start with the mindset, eliminating barriers that hinder the routine.

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The CSIRO Study conducted a survey, stipulating 6 types of personalities when it comes to weight loss.

The behavioral patterns that have been defined help you to recognize what your weaknesses are. Therefore, it facilitates the choice of the best strategy focusing not only on fat loss, but on the benefits aimed at metabolism as a whole.

Recognize your personality and try to act in the cause that prevents you from correctly following a healthy routine.

Thinker: People who tend to analyze and focus on goals, adopting a critical attitude towards themselves, tend to be easily shaken by stress and anxiety. Look for ways to relax and sleep better, controlling your feelings by focusing on the present.

Hard worker: quickly begins to set a goal, in a great hurry to achieve quick results. In this case, compulsion ends up being a consequence, resulting in poor food choices due to the lack of gradually adapting to the new life.

Anxious: they are deeply sad about their habits, but they cannot change them and they need medical help. When trying to find a solution, they look for more food and drinks in excess as health. From emotional imbalance to illness, professional help cannot be neglected.

Nice: despite having a certain resistance to start, they manage to receive external stimulation, managing to achieve good results when visiting certain places prone to good food and exercise.

Foodies: are passionate about food and seek to make recipes, adapting food to their lifestyle, achieving a balanced diet.

Social: they need to understand that the moment of fun requires some flexibility, allowing them to enjoy some different meals on the weekends. In this sense, guilt needs to be managed.

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