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Military Police Lieutenant Henrique Otavio Oliveira Velozo, 30, suspected of shooting jiu-jitsu fighter Leandro Lo, 33, in the head, during a concert by the Pixote group, at Esporte Clube Sírio, in the south of São Paulo, has a conviction in the Military Court for assaulting and disrespecting police officers.

In May of last year, Velozo was sentenced to nine months in open prison. However, as he was a first-time defendant, the court suspended the sentence for two years. Those who receive this type of concession have their sentence extinguished if they do not commit another crime within the established period.

Sought, the Public Defender’s Office, responsible for the defense of the PM in the case in question, said that it does not comment on criminal cases in progress.

The episode that led to Velozo’s conviction took place on October 27, 2017 at The Week, in Lapa, west of São Paulo. He was off.

According to the complaint received by the 1st Audit of Military Justice, military police were called to go to the nightclub after the lieutenant got involved in a disturbance at the scene.

In the lawsuit, he claimed he only acted to separate seven people who assaulted a cousin of his.

When approached by the police, Velozo reacted.

“At one point, the soldier [a reportagem suprimiu o nome do policial] He moved away from the accused and stretched out his arm, clearly intending to keep him at a distance. At that moment, Lieutenant Velozo punched the soldier in the arm. Then, the accused threw another punch, aiming to hit the soldier’s face”, quotes an excerpt from the complaint.

Showing himself excited and nervous, Velozo began to verbally attack another lieutenant who arrived at the scene, saying “you are my recruit”, “you coward”, in addition to several profanities.

The Public Ministry denounced Velozo to justice as a result of the aggression and contempt. The lieutenant was acquitted in the first instance, but the Prosecutor’s Office appealed the decision.


This Sunday (7), the lieutenant joined the Internal Affairs Department of the PM after having his temporary arrest decreed. He was taken to the Romão Gomes Military Prison, in the north zone.

Velozo is suspected of killing Leandro Lo at Esporte Clube Sírio.

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