PSN “game” makes fun of trophy junkies

A new “game”, made available to the wishlist via the PS Store, has been drawing the attention of the community. “Press X For Trophies” mocks the titles popularly known as “garapas” and criticizes developers who release games with the sole purpose of providing easy platinum (or trophies).

On the PSN page, the title is listed by the Game Achievements Ltd studio and already makes reference to the search for trophies or other objectives with a focus on 100%. According to its description, the idea is to satirize easy platinum and face the wave of cheap games, where apparently, you buy a set of trophies instead of a complete game.

description psn Press X For Trophies
Source: André Custodio

Games are usually meant to be challenging, well, at least they used to be. Nowadays things are a little easier.

Press X For Trophies is a game made to help spread the word about how things must change and how the gaming world is changing.

It’s a bit ironic, and the story is told through its trophy system.

So far, it’s unclear what Press X For Trophies is about or if it actually exists. The way is to wait for news in the future.

Press X For Trophies vs. garapas: see 5 easy platinum on PS4 and PS5

Are you unaffected by the concept of Press X For Trophies and still want to go for easy platinum for a low cost on PS4 and PS5? So click here to know some games where you can get all the trophies with the least amount of effort.

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