R$ 24.6 billion are stopped at Caixa. Learn how to withdraw

About R$ 25 billion referring to the PIS/Pasep benefit are stopped at Caixa Econômica Federal waiting for the beneficiaries to withdraw. According to the bank, more than 10 million people have not yet redeemed the amount.

Established by complementary laws enacted in 1970, the programs were created to transfer part of the funds deposited by companies to the PIS/Pasep fund to employees of the private or public sector.

People who worked with a formal contract in the private sector or in the public service between 1971 and 1988 are entitled to the benefit. Until 2019, the amount could only be withdrawn in specific cases, such as retirement or serious illness.

However, after the publication of the Provisional Measure in 2019, the amount became available for withdrawal by all fund participants. Since then, the amount has been accumulated in Caixa Econômica because the beneficiaries have not yet made withdrawals.

The amount will only be available for withdrawal until 2025. After this date, the amounts will return to the public coffers. To check the balance, the worker can go to a Caixa branch, lottery, application or website of the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS).

According to Caixa, bank account holders can perform the withdrawal automatically. Those who have the Citizen Card can withdraw the money at self-service points, lottery and Caixa Aqui correspondents — for amounts of up to R$3,000.


Those who do not have an account with Caixa Econômica can withdraw the money at an agency, taking an official document with a photo.

Legal beneficiaries of deceased persons must go to a Caixa branch with a death certificate and document proving family ties to withdraw the money.

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