Sampaio Corrêa x Bahia: see where to watch, embezzlement, lineups and refereeing | Brazilian series b

Sampaio Corrêa and Bahia will face each other this Tuesday, at 21:30 (Brasília time), at the Castelão stadium, in São Luís, for the 23rd round of the Série B of the Brazilian Championship. In the first round, at Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador-BA, the team from Bahia beat Bolivia Querida by 1-0.

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Castelão Stadium, São Luís, Maranhão — Photo: Matheus Soares / Grupo Mirante

Sampaio arrives in the match after two matches away from home without a win, but trusts Castelão as their main asset. Bolivia Querida did not lose in this Série B of the Brazilian playing as home team

Advancing towards access, Bahia is the current vice-leader of Serie B with 40 points. The goal is to get closer to the leader Cruzeiro, who has 49, if he distances himself from Grêmio, third place that has the same score as the Bahia team.

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Sampaio Corrêa – Coach: Léo Condé

Léo Condé, Sampaio coach — Photo: Ronald Felipe/SCFC

Coach Léo Condé has carried out his training sessions behind closed doors and does not confirm the changes, but the tendency is for him to make changes in defense and attack. In defense both should happen on the left side. Spared in the last round, Pará should resume the left-back in place of Lucas Hipólito. And as defender Nilson Júnior left the team to play in Iranian football, the tendency is for Gabriel Furtado, recovered from injury, to resume the post. Joécio should remain as an option for the sector.

In addition, another change considered certain is the return of forward Pimentinha, who was spared in Sampaio’s last game. Nádson, thus, will be removed from the team. Mauritius has recovered from a muscle injury and should be listed for departure.

Possible lineup for Sampaio Corrêa: Gabriel Batista, Mateusinho, Alan Godói, Gabriel Furtado Pará, André Luiz, Ferreira, Rafael Vila, Pimentinha, Ygor Catatau and Gabriel Poveda.

Likely Sampaio to face Bahia — Photo: ge

  • Embezzlement: Luiz Daniel (injury)
  • hanging: Renatinho, Ygor Catatau, Ferreira and Pará

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Bahia – Coach: Enderson Moreira

To face Sampaio Corrêa, Bahia de Ignácio and Luiz Otávio must have news in the starting lineup. Enderson counts on the return of Danilo Fernandes and Patrick de Lucca, recovered from injury. In addition, the coach has already said that he should rotate the squad due to the marathon of games.

Bahia likely starting lineup: Danilo Fernandes, André [Marcinho], Ignacio, Luiz Otávio and Matheus Bahia; Rezende, Mugni and Daniel; Igor Torres, Copete and Rodallega.

Bahia likely to face Sampaio — Photo: ge

  • Embezzlement: Gabriel Noga (injury) and Marco Antônio (physical transition)
  • hanging: Daniel, Luiz Henrique, Rodallega and Davó

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  • Referee: José Mendonça da Silva Junior (PR)
  • Assistant 1: Bruno Boschilia (FIFA) (PR)
  • Assistant 2: Ivan Carlos Bohn (PR)
  • Fourth referee: Raimundo Jose Chagas Araujo (MA)
  • Video referee (VAR): Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga (RJ)
  • Video Assistant (AVAR): Silbert Faria Sisquim (RJ)

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