Santa Cruz x Tocantinópolis, for Série D, registers 5th largest audience of Brazilian football weekend | Brazilian series d

The weekend of Brazilian football had goals, provocations, tributes and was also marked by large audiences. In this select hall, emerging between Series A and B, is Santa Cruz, currently in the Fourth Division.

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Last Sunday, in the match against Tocantinópolis, for the first leg of the round of 16 of Series D, 40,496 tricolors went to Arruda, in Recife, registering the fifth largest audience for Brazilian football over the weekend. Check out the top-5 at the end of the article.

Santa Cruz fans in Arruda for the game against Tocantinópolis — Photo: Marlon Costa/Pernambuco Press

By the way, the number of people that the stadium received in the Santa Cruz game represents almost twice the population of the city that gives its name to the choral opponent, including.

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On the field, Tricolor did not match the support of the crowd and drew goalless with Verdão do Norte. Next Sunday, at João Ribeiro stadium, the teams decide a spot in the quarter-finals of the competition, the knockout of access. Simple victory guarantees the next phase. Draw leads to penalties.

Open-bar of missed goals: attack falters and Santa Cruz draws in Arruda

Open-bar of missed goals: attack falters and Santa Cruz draws in Arruda

Above the Santa Cruz crowd in Serie D are two Serie A and two Serie B clashes. In the elite, in São Paulo 0 x 2 Flamengo, Morumbi received 45,217 fans; in Fluminense’s 1-0 victory over Cuiabá, there were 46,323 at Maracanã. At Segundona, Bahia 1 x 0 CSA, at Arena Fonte Nova, he had 44,885, and Cruzeiro 2 x 0 Tombense, at Mineirão, received 42,274.

It should be noted that, adding up the seven clashes at home in the group stage of Series D and the two knockouts – against Retrô, in the second phase, and Tocantinópolis, in the round of 16 -, Arruda received, so far, exactly 141,144 tricolors .

Top 5 audience over the weekend

  1. São Paulo vs Flamengo (Serie A) – 45,217 paying*
  2. Fluminense x Cuiabá (Serie A) – 43,364 paying players (46,323 attending)
  3. Bahia x CSA (Series B) – 44,885 gifts*
  4. Cruzeiro vs Tombense (Serie B) – 42,274 gifts
  5. Santa Cruz x Tocantinópolis (Serie D) – 40,496 gifts

* There are no free games in Morumbi and Fonte Nova Arena

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