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A week after sanctioning the payroll for Auxílio Brasil users, Brazilian banks are still trying to adapt to the process to decide what to do. Some of them have already stated that they will allow the request, others say they are waiting for regulation by the Ministry of Citizenship and a third group has already given the hammer saying that they will not offer anything.

The bank Agi, for example, announced that it will offer the credit. “Agi already offers payroll-deductible loans to INSS beneficiaries and now also offers it to Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries”, said the institution in a note sent to the newspaper Valor this Monday (8). The institution praised the release of the loan.

“The sanction of this measure represents the possibility of access to credit for millions of Brazilians who need the resource to carry out a specific project or even for basic day-to-day demands. We understand it to be an important mechanism for financial inclusion for this audience”, he added.

On the other side is the Bradesco bank. In a recent statement, the president of the institution, Octavio de Lazari Júnior, said that they will not offer the consignment. “This is not a retirement or pension, but a benefit to people who are in difficulties. Therefore, Bradesco will not operate in this portfolio. We are talking about vulnerable individuals,” he said.

“Instead of being a good operation for the bank and the customer, we understand that the person will have more difficulty when the benefit ceases, and therefore, we prefer not to operate”, he added. According to press information, representatives of banks such as Santander and Itaú must still await the regulation of the Ministry of Citizenship.

released consignment

Last week, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) sanctioned the text of the Auxílio Brasil consignment. The law had already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate, and even before that it was already in effect because it was governed by a Provisional Measure (MP).

With Bolsonaro’s sanction, the consignment is officially released. So people can now apply. In any case, most financial institutions are still waiting for regulation from the Ministry of Citizenship.

Behind-the-scenes information shows that the ministry should only sanction the project on a date closer to the elections. Until then, the main tip of experts is to wait for the citizen to get a lower interest rate.

Meeting with entrepreneurs

This Monday (8), President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has an appointment with representatives of the National Federation of Banks (Febraban). Among other points, they should discuss the issue of the consignment of Auxílio Brasil.

The Chief of Staff, Ciro Nogueira, confirmed the information. “We are going to appeal to Febraban and its associates to be sensitive at this time with the poorest and most needy population,” he said in an interview with the Poder 360 portal.

“The payroll loan for the beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil needs to be with interest that does not put this most vulnerable population in difficulties. The current moment calls for everyone to unite, and I’m sure that the banks think about the good in Brazil”, added Nogueira about the situation of the social program’s payroll.

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