Serena announces retirement but doesn’t say when

New York (USA) – In an interview with the magazine Vogue, American Serena Williams stated that she decided to put an end to her tennis career. The former world number one did not make it clear when she intends to retire, but she did make it clear that she is taking the last steps on the professional circuit so she can focus more on her family afterwards.

“I never wanted to have to choose between tennis and family, I don’t think it’s fair. If I were a man, I wouldn’t be writing this because I’d be playing and winning while my wife does the physical work of expanding our family. Don’t get me wrong: I love being a woman and I loved every second of being pregnant with Olympia.”

“I was one of those boring women who love being pregnant and I worked until the day I had to show up at the hospital, although things got very complicated on the other side. And I almost did the impossible: a lot of people didn’t realize I was two months pregnant when I won the Australian Open in 2017. But I’m turning 41 this month, and something has to happen,” she added.

Serena explains that she never liked the word retirement because it doesn’t convey the modern sense of what will actually happen. “I’ve been thinking of it as a transition, but I want to be sensitive to the way I use that word, a word that means something very specific and important to a community of people,” she noted.

“Perhaps the best word to describe what I’m doing is evolution. I’m here to say that I’m moving away from tennis, towards other things that are important to me. A few years ago, I quietly started Serena Ventures, a venture capital firm. Shortly after, I started a family and I want to grow that family,” said Serena.

Finally, she regretted not being ready to win Wimbledon this year and said she doesn’t know if she will be ready to win in New York, but she hopes to have fun in the US Open preparatory tournaments. About her farewell, she didn’t set an event or date.

“I know there’s a fan fantasy that I could have matched Margaret (Court) and then maybe beat her record in New York, to say at the awards ceremony, ‘Goodbye!’ But I’m not looking for a ceremonial moment, I’m terrible with goodbyes, the worst thing in the world. I’m going to miss this version of me, that girl who played tennis. I’m going to miss her all my life.”

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