Simone’s husband again denies rumors of betrayal with Simaria and says he believes justice will be done


Kaká Diniz spoke again about the rumors planted over the weekend, that he would have an affair with Simaria, the sister of his wife, Simone Mendes.

Kaká Diniz used Instagram to deny rumors about cheating
© Reproduction / Instagram @kakadiniz1Kaká Diniz used Instagram to deny rumors about cheating

The businessman Kaká Diniz needed deny rumors that he was cheating on his wife, singer Simone Mendes, with her sister, Simaria — and that this would have caused the breakup of the country duo. This Monday (08), he returned to comment on the subject and exposed what he thinks of fake news.

He opened a question box for fans in Stories and a netizen asked him: “How do you deal with all these lies that always come out in the media about you and your family?” Kaká then gave a straight answer, stating that everything that has come out recently is nothing but a big lie.

“As you said yourself, they are lies. The truth can be proved, but the lie never. People are looking for recognition at all costs, even if it’s trying to destroy someone’s image for thatbut it’s all just a failed attempt”, he began.

Justice will be done

In sequence, the businessman said he believes that justice will be done in this caseand that the people who invented the rumors will pay for the fabrications that have taken over the media all weekend.

“You know what’s worse? The consequences of this are incalculable and there is no going back. Therefore, those who create lies will pay for each one of them”, reported Kaká, who had already appeared on social networks yesterday (07) to deny the rumors and silence the rumours.

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