Single-engine plane that belonged to Commander Rolim will be on display at Labace

This Cessna 195 belonged to Commander Rolim

TAM Executive Aviation, a relevant player in the executive aviation market in the country, will bring to Labace 2022 some of the most modern machines in the portfolio of the manufacturers it represents, however, two smaller planes will also attract the attention of visitors.

In its static exhibition, TAM will delve into history and bring two relics to the event: the single-engine Cessna 180, manufactured in the 1960s, and a Cessna 195, manufactured in the 1950s and which belonged to Commander Rolim, its founder.

Cessna 195

Manufactured in 1951, it is a post-World War II general aviation classic, which brought the comfort and luxury of an executive aircraft to piston models.

The Cessna 195 was acquired by João Amaro at an auction in Cuiabá, after 11 years abandoned at the city’s airport. The plane was restored by his brother, Commander Rolim, and, years later, inspired the creation of the Wings of a Dream Museum.

Cessna 180-F

The Cessna 180-F, year 1963, was a model that was very successful in Brazil, widely used on farms and in mines, where the tracks were not paved.

Its production ended in 1985, but until today it is common to see it operating in various activities. This model was donated by Commander Peri Igel and is the same as the aircraft used by Commander Rolim and João Amaro at the beginning of their careers.

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