Tarcísio says Google indicates Haddad as the worst mayor, and PT responds: ‘Type genocidal’

First placed in the electoral polls in the dispute for the government of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad (PT) and Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans) faced each other in relation to the searches for their names in the Google.

At one point in the debate in the band, Freitas said that the search engine indicates Haddad as the worst mayor in São Paulo. The former minister of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) even highlighted the statement on his social network.

“I’m going to ask everyone to join the Google and type there: worst mayor in São Paulo. Then tell me the answers”, provoked the Bolsonar candidate.

Moments later, Haddad took advantage of his response time to Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB) and addressed Freitas.

“First of all, as I was attacked here by Tarcísio, whoever goes to the Google, type genocidal”, returned the PT worker. “You will also be in for a surprise, to find out who killed more than 600,000 Brazilians for not having bought the vaccine when it was offered to them.”

The PT member continued: “Worse than that, Tarcísio, was cutting emergency aid before vaccinating people. You are responsible for the health crisis that we are experiencing.”

The former mayor of São Paulo also said that he regretted that the Bolsonarista opponent adopted an “aggressive tone” at an early stage in the debate.

Upon leaving the station, Freitas was questioned by Capital Letter about Haddad’s act of citing the word “genocidal”.

“It’s a right he has,” said the candidate, in an interview with journalists. “I mentioned Google and the worst mayor in the history of São Paulo. It only gives Haddad even when you quote the worst mayor.”

Next, Freitas defended Bolsonaro’s role in the pandemic and also said that vaccination in Brazil is a “case success”, although experts have criticized the government for delaying vaccination.

“The federal government has invested more than 30 billion reais in the purchase of vaccines. It spent more than 450 billion to fight the pandemic in ordinary resources and more than 150 billion in extraordinary resources. It signed the first contract for the purchase of vaccines in June 2020. It made an unprecedented contribution to the SUS, took care of primary care, and left more than six thousand ICU beds as a legacy.”

And he returned to referring directly to Haddad: “He can say what he wants, but the facts impose themselves, and our mission is to show the facts as they are”.

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