Thais Fersoza and Michel Teló have a dream party for their children

Thais Fersoza and Michel Teló enchant as they celebrate their children’s birthday with a dream party

The actress and presenter Thais Fersoza and her husband, the sertanejo Michel Telo, delighted to celebrate the birthday of their two children with a double party. The celebrities have been together for ten years and are proud parents of two children. The oldest daughter, Melinda, who turned six, and the youngest, Teodoro, who recently turned five.

The artists were enjoying a relaxing time with their family on a fun-filled trip to Portugal. On the occasion, the couple took the opportunity to celebrate their children’s birthdays, as the special dates ended up falling during the holidays.

After returning from vacation, Thais Fersoza and Teló did not let it go unnoticed and threw a beautiful birthday party for the heirs. The two celebrated another year of the little ones’ lives with a charming party held at an event house in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro.

In the pictures, the family was all smiles in the pictures! Thais and Teló posed next to the birthdays. The children were sympathetic. Melinda delighted to appear in a blue princess dress. Teodoro, on the other hand, preferred a look most basic: red t-shirt, black pants and sneakers. Each representing their favorite character.

On the afternoon of this Monday (08), Thais Fersoza used social networks to open an album with a few clicks of the two children’s birthday party. In the images, it is possible to see the place decorated with several blue, white and red balloons, two tables full of sweets and many souvenirs with the themes chosen by the children.

In addition, the place featured several characters from the world disney. The charming decoration of Melinda and Teodoro’s dream party also had two cakes with two floors each. As it is a double party, the celebration had two different themes. One with the theme of the animation “Cars” and the other with the theme of the movie “Fronzen”.

In the caption of the publication, the presenter did not fail to be melted by the heirs. “Celebrating love! Life! Our family! What a blessing that we are all together! It was really amazing! We managed to unite many people who are part of our history and who are very special to us”, she wrote.

In the sequence, the actress also explained how holding the event was exciting and special for the whole family. “We haven’t had a party in years. And our friends know that we’ve always been one to party, to welcome at home,” she said.

Thais Fersoza and Michel Teló have a dream party for their children's birthdays

Instagram reproduction Thais Fersoza and Michel Teló celebrate their children’s birthdays and delight

Thais Fersoza and Michel Teló pose with their children at a dream party

Instagram reproduction Thais Fersoza and Michel Teló celebrate their children’s birthdays with a double party

Thais Fersoza and Michel Teló's children win double parents' party

AgNews Thais Fersoza and Michel Teló celebrate the 6th birthday of their eldest daughter and the 5th of their youngest

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