Tracker, Pulse and Kicks lead sales in July, see the ranking

The competition between SUVs is quite fierce. Several models led the sales of the segment in recent months, but they switched positions and had ups and downs. This is evidently a side effect of the shortage of electronic chips in the industry, but it also shows some of the strategy of each brand.

GM, for example, returned to sell the sport utility vehicle tracker in high volume, almost like in 2020, when it launched the current generation – and it still didn’t suffer from a lack of semiconductors. Thus, the golden tie brand utility sold 5,998 units in July, according to figures from Fenabrave, the association of dealers in the country. For those who don’t remember, the SUV made in São Caetano do Sul (SP) had only 244 units licensed in the same month of 2021.

Fiat Pulse Drive 1.3 AT

In the same way, Fiat maintains the vice-leadership. O Pulse, which placed the brand in the compact SUV segment, occupies the second position on the podium in the category. Last month, it sold 5,300 units. Meanwhile, the Nissan Kicks shows its strength as the only product in the line at the Resende (RJ) plant and ranked third – with 5,221 registrations in total.

below the podium

Also featured is the Hyundai Crete. The second generation of the SUV manufactured in Piracicaba (SP) arrived completely redesigned last year, and with higher prices. Even so, he closed the seventh month of the year ahead of the Jeep compass and renegade. Something unimaginable in 2021, when the Stellantis duo dominated the preference of the Brazilian consumer.

Diogo de Oliveira/Estadão

Thus, it is worth remembering that the SUV from Hyundai continues to benefit from the combination of sales of the new generation and the Crete Active (old model). The latter starts from R$ 109,690. Meanwhile, the renewed model does not come out for less than R$ 120,890.

Like the Fiat Pulse, the Toyota Corolla Cross also debuted in the category to captivate the clientele. Thus, it remains in the top 10 of SUV sales in Brazil, occupying the 7th position in the ranking.

Then come the Volkswagen duo, made up of T-Cross and nivus. Both have had better days and, as mentioned above, were hampered by the semiconductor crisis, which paralyzed the duo’s production several times from 2021 onwards.

For now, T-Cross leaves the lead

It should be noted, however, that the T-Cross, – in addition to taking the title of best-selling SUV of 2020 – led the first half of this year. However, it has been skating on the license plates since last year, even with VW’s efforts in its production. On September 29, 2021, the brand manufactured the last unit of Fox (after 18 years in the market), reversing the entire production of São José dos Pinhais (PR) to the compact SUV.

Werther Santana/Estadão

Finally, who closes the top 10 is the Renault Duster. With 2,039 units, the model kicked off the Citroen C4 Cactus and threw it out of the list of the 10 best selling SUVs in Brazil. In the previous month (June), the French had achieved record sales, and registered 3,664 units. In July, however, it did not exceed 798 registrations.

most profitable segment

In total, the SUV segment sold 53,468 units in July, according to Fenabrave’s monthly report. In the year, however, the number jumps to more than 371 thousand registrations. In other words, it is the segment that sold the most in the country between January and July. After all, the number is greater than the sum of the entry categories (98,000), compact hatchbacks (172,000) and compact (59,000) and midsize sedans (35,000).

Check out the 15 best-selling SUVs of July:

1st) Chevrolet Tracker – 5,998
2nd) Fiat Pulse – 5,300
3rd) Nissan Kicks – 5,221
4th) Hyundai Crete – 5,125
5th) Jeep Compass – 4,402
6th) Jeep Renegade – 4,264
7th) Toyota Corolla Cross – 3,614
8th) Volkswagen T-Cross – 3,535
9th) Volkswagen Nivus – 2,995
10th) Renault Duster – 2,039
11th) Jeep Commander – 1,483
12th) Toyota SW4 – 1,271
13th) Volkswagen Taos – 1,119
14th) Citroen C4 Cactus – 798
15th) caoa Chery Tiggo 5X – 741

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