Understand the reality differences that Ramiro and Mateus Vital live at Corinthians

training in Corinthians since returning from loans to international teams last season, Ramiro and Mateus Vital have been in different situations.

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The first is integrated into the professional cast and even participated in the last Corinthians engagement, last Saturday (6), against avaíin Santa Catarina, for the Brazilian championship.

The second, on the other hand, is experiencing some impasses that hamper his professional future.

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According to Vítor Pereira, Ramiro is at a higher level of intensity than Vital at the moment.

– Vital doesn’t seem to be at that pace yet. They are different players, with different characteristics, Vital can come to help too. I chose Ramiro for that intensity of training and that today I thought that, at a time of the game, with the team’s wear, I put Ramiro – highlighted Vítor, during a press conference at Ressacada after the game.

In addition to the issues raised by the Corinthians coach, there are also market situations involving the two athletes.


Ramiro should remain at Corinthians until the end of the year, when his contract with the alvinegro club ends. The bond is unlikely to be renewed. The idea of ​​Timão’s board was to lend him to a club, which, preferably, was willing to pay the player’s salaries until the end of the year, as was done by Al-Wasl in recent months.

Santos even expressed interest in having the athlete, but, unlike the operation that took Luan to Vila Belmiro, Ramiro’s loan would only be with Alvinegro Praiano paying most of the salaries. In addition, a debt that Corinthians has with the midfielder and his former agent, businessman Giuliano Bertolucci, hampered the evolution of the business.

The lack of interested parties, added to the satisfaction of Vítor Pereira in relation to Ramiro, caused him to be added to the Corinthians squad.

In addition to the intensity shown in training, the possibility of having a versatile player in the squad, who can play as a midfielder, third man in midfield or open on the sides, also pleased the Corinthians coach.

– What I’ve seen in training, Ramiro is a machine at work, a machine. He is a player who trains at a very high intensity, with a high load. As we are in a period of difficulties, essentially at the wings, he is not a winger by origin, but he can play inside and has this physical condition – said the Corinthians coach.


As for Mateus Vital, Corinthians is looking forward to trading him on the international market. Club Brugge, from Belgium, have shown interest in having the attacking midfielder, and Timão are excited to sell him.

That’s because, unlike Ramiro, who has a contract until the end of this year, Vital’s bond with the Parque São Jorge club runs until December 2023. With that, the idea is to generate financial value for this player.

The possibility of amicable termination was even discussed to facilitate the transfer of the athlete to another club, even in Brazil, with the Corinthians party keeping part of the economic rights dreaming of a future profit.

São Paulo got excited about this business model, but the Belgian interest stopped the conversations, which took place through intermediaries. Now, with the closing of the registration period for the Brazilian Championship, the chances of Mateus changing Timão for Tricolor are over.

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