US authorizes confiscation of luxury Airbus jet belonging to Russian oligarch

The US court gave the go-ahead for an Airbus A319 business jet, linked to a Russian oligarch, to be seized.

Photo by Thomas Naas

The aircraft in question is of the Airbus A319ceo model, a plane that commonly flies with passengers on airlines around the world, but which is also offered in a high-luxury executive version, modified to carry only 25 passengers – the Airbus Corporate jet (ACJ) version. .

The jet belongs to Global Jet Luxembourg, a well-known large air taxi company in Europe, but according to the Prosecutor’s Office for the Southern District of New York, this would be just a front to hide the real owner of the plane, the oligarch Andrei Skoch.

Skoch is part of the Duma, which is Russia’s equivalent of the Chamber of Deputies. In addition to being a well-known politician, he has several investments in companies, mainly in the metallurgy and metal sector, through family names, and uses his influence in the government to help businesses, thus becoming an oligarch by definition. By Forbes he is listed as a billionaire and 601st richest in the world.

According to the US, the A319 registration P4-MGU is owned and used by Skoch.

“Following the 2018 sanctions, which were expanded in 2021, transactions in US dollars were detected to register the plane in Aruba and pay insurance for the aircraft,” the official statement from the prosecutor states. The decision follows US sanctions against supporters of Vladimir Putin, who ordered the invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.

The aircraft is valued at $90 million and, according to RadarBox data, the plane was last registered in Kazakhstan in March, after a quick flight from Moscow. Even so, many of its flights are blocked and it is not possible to say that it is still there today. Kazakhstan is an ally of Russia and would not allow the execution of the seizure requested by the US.

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