Wagner on RC’s criticism of the Camilo government: “It’s missing mea culpa”

The União Brasil candidate for the Government of Ceará, Captain Wagner, asked that his opponent, Roberto Cláudio (PDT), do my fault in relation to the criticism addressed to former governor Camilo Santana. This Monday, the 8th, during a sabbath at the Uol/Folha de S.Paulothe pedestrian said that the advance of criminal factions and the waiting lines in public hospitals are the “unsolved problems” by the Camilo government.

According to Wagner, the adversary’s posture is that of someone who “try to ignore a not-too-distant past”. He states that, if problems exist, there is a co-responsibility of the RC itself. “When the candidate presented the problem of factions and health, he should make a my faultbecause he was part of the management until that day”, said Wagner to the THE PEOPLEshortly after participating in a forum in Fortaleza, with representatives from associations of magistrates, public defenders and tax auditors.

He added that, in relation to the advance of crime, RC “does not have good examples to give to the State and to the people of Ceará”. “While he was mayor, Fortaleza was considered the most violent city in Brazil. It’s missing my fault”, repeated Wagner. “The group that is in power, including the candidate who points out the flaw was part of it, had 16 years to solve it and it didn’t solve it”, he continued.

The candidate also stated that, in order to fight crime, it is necessary for the government to have a “firm pulse” and “courage”, but admitted that fighting it is not an easy task. “It is a complex issue, but there are mechanisms to resolve it. We are studying partnerships with the FBI [a Polícia Federal dos Estados Unidos] until you gather expert opinions.” Next Wednesday, 10th, Wagner will meet, in Brasília, with the former secretary of Public Security of Rio de Janeiro, José Mariano Beltramo, from whom he intends to gather suggestions for his government plan in the area of ​​Security.

Regarding the waiting lines in the public health service, the candidate points out “deviation of priorities” of the State Government as the biggest obstacle to the advancement of care. “What we have seen, in recent years, was the government prioritizing the construction [de hospitais] instead of making efforts to make them work”, he pointed out, citing as an example the Regional Hospital of Sertão Central, in Quixeramobim, opened in 2014, where, according to the candidate, there is still no urgent and emergency medical service in operation.

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On Saturday, when mentioning what he considers to be the main failures of Camilo Santana’s administration, Roberto Cláudio denied that the criticisms were politically motivated. “(…) I don’t want to personalize, I’ve never done politics against people, much less will I be able to be dishonest in what I believe (…) but it is undeniable that a good part of the population of Ceará lives scared by the dangerous, pernicious power that the factions criminals still exercise in many regions”, he highlighted when asked about the challenges in the area of ​​Public Security in the State.

Despite negative mentions of the former governor and now political opponent, RC stated that he intends to carry out a campaign “free from any strings attached”, without personal attacks and recognizing the merits and advances that need to be maintained.

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