WhatsApp launches function to hide who is ‘online’, block prints and leave groups in secrecy

O Whatsapp announced this Tuesday (9) three new functions to increase the privacy of users. It will be possible hide status “online” and “last seen” accounts, as well as block screenshots (print screen) for single view messages and leave groups in a secretive way. Updates begin rolling out to iOS and Android phones by the end of this month.

To hide the status of the conversation, the user must go to settings and select “Account”, followed by “Privacy” and “Last seen and online”. Here, he will be able to choose “Everyone”, “My Contacts”, “My Contacts Except…” and “Nobody”).

Blocking screenshots in single-view messages, including photos and videos, is still in the testing phase. Whatsapp said that the idea is to offer an extra layer of protection for users. The feature should be released “soon”.

In the case of the silent exit of groups, the only novelty already available this Tuesday (9), the user will be able to leave them without everyone being informed. Instead of warning all members, only admins will be warned.

‘Safe conversations’

WhatsApp’s Vice President of Product, Ami Vora, justifies that the idea of ​​the three tools is to increase user control over messages exchanged via the application.

“Over the years, we’ve added interlocking layers of protection to help keep your conversations secure, and the new features are a way for us to remain true to our commitment to keeping all messages private. the safest place to have a private conversation”.

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