WhatsApp starts allowing ‘silent exit’ from groups | Technology

Whatsapp announced this Tuesday (9) that it will allow users to leave groups silentlywithout being “snitched” on the chat to all other participants in the conversation.

In a feature that has been in effect for the platform since Monday (8), the user now has the option to notify only the group’s administrators when he decides to leave.

In addition to this measure, two others were announced with the aim of increasing privacy. See below:

  1. Choose who can see when you’re online: in an update that should arrive in August, users will be able to choose who will see the “online” and “last seen” sign when they open their whatsapp profile.
  2. Block screenshot in single view messages: it will no longer be possible to make screen captures (print screen) of those photos sent to be viewed only once.
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‘Why don’t you come to me?’

Whenever Whatsapp creates a new tool, some people complain that they still can’t access it. The main reason is usually the gradual rollout of the update (learn how to update).

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