Whindersson Nunes has leaked intimate photo and shocking size

Intimate photo of Whindersson Nunes leaked

Fábia Oliveira’s column, from the Em Off portal, exclusively released a photo of the comedian Whindersson Nunes. The photo is a print, where Whindersson appears holding her private parts and the click would have been sent in the private mode of Instagram direct to a person.

In the photo, Whindersson Nunes appears showing the angle of her lower parts, without showing her face. In the photo, Whindersson was quite ‘excited’, if you know what I mean. Even the size of the comedian’s instrument shocked him.

However, according to Fábia Oliveira, it was not possible to identify the person to whom the comedian would have sent the photo.

Intimate photo of Whindersson Nunes leaks - Photo Reproduction
Intimate photo of Whindersson Nunes leaks – Photo Reproduction

It is worth remembering that in June of this year, Whindersson Nunes was seen with his ex-fiancée, Maria Lina, in Egypt, close to Valentine’s Day. After images of the two were leaked, Whindersson explained why he decided to travel with Maria Lina, after so many months apart. “A year we had and we lost our baby on the 31st, two adult people try to heal their pain as they feel better, we thought: why not get to know a place and culture that we have never seen up close? Maybe a little bit will pass for both of us the longing that we will never be able to undo,” he wrote on Twitter.

eviction notice for the comedian

Comedian Whindersson spoke after a news item saying that the São Paulo Court of Justice issued an eviction order for the comedian for irregularities in the rent of two commercial rooms located in the Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo.

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“Regarding the news published today, July 20, on some news portals, about a lawsuit involving two commercial rooms rented by Whindersson Nunes, the advisory informs that the artist’s administrative management is carried out by an outsourced company and that the same became aware of the facts and the existence of the properties by the media. He also emphasizes that all measures to settle any pending issues have already been taken”, read the message signed by the artist’s press and legal advisor.

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