Woman denounces alleged rape during surgery in BH hospital

A 38-year-old woman called the Military Police (PM) to report having been raped in a hospital in the Center-South region of Belo Horizonte. After undergoing surgery, she says that while urinating, she noticed a different liquid that she claims was sperm.

Police were called shortly after 7pm by the woman’s husband. The couple left the toilet paper and the bedpan used by patients as evidence. There was no information on the woman on the note board in the bedroom.

Also according to the report, the woman claimed that she was taken to the operating room by a nurse and there she saw an anesthesiologist and another unidentified man. At no time does she claim to have seen the surgeon. Upon waking up, already in the recovery room, the woman says she saw other people and stayed there for a longer time, as she would have reported feeling sick when taking general anesthesia.

In the bedroom was where the woman noticed the sperm come out along with the urine, according to the incident report. She also claims to have seen, later, that the shorts were punctured and also with traces of sperm. Before the surgery, the victim said that she had no vaginal discharge and that the last intercourse was a week ago. No one from the hospital, she said, collected the material or called the gynecologist.

The nurse interviewed by the police said that the woman’s husband arrived desperate in the ward screaming that the woman had been raped. The nurse in charge tried to check for any bleeding in the victim’s intimate region, which was wet due to urine. Security and supervision of the place were activated, according to the PM, who explained that at no time was the woman alone or in the presence of only one man. The surgeon endorsed the PM version. The anesthesiologist said that he had contact with the victim in the admission room, that he was informed about the nausea and therefore said that she would spend a longer time in recovery.

The hospital has security cameras in the recovery room and hallways. The institution’s expertise and lawyer followed the occurrence.

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